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The Game of Love - Changing the Rules Changes Everything

The Game of Love Changing the Rules Changes Everything By Kevin Rice is Out Now!! See our store for details.


Welcome to the Academy of Spiritual Awakening where we believe that everything you want to be, you already are and everything that you desire in life, you already have.

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  • Three Signs You’re Living Outside Your Comfort Zone

    1. You’re afraid. Yes, you can retreat into your corner when you’re afraid and seek “safety”. Most miracles are missed due to this maneuver. Why? Because we aren’t allowing ourselves to look at our stuff, but instead recede into the background to be comforted only by the familiarity of our fears. When you are living outside your comfort zone, you …

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What is A Course in Miracles?

Watch John Irvin interviewing Kevin Rice on the topic, “What is A Course in Miracles?” Kevin describes the origin of the Course as well as setting forth the theoretical foundation that it subscribes for its readers. A Course in Miracles is the basis for the teachings of The Academy of Spiritual Awakening.

Interview with Kevin Rice on relationships and love.

Watch Maria Felipe, from Coconut TV, interview Kevin Rice about his book, “The Game of Love, Changing the Rules Changes Everything”. This exchange covers the basics of how to bring healing to our relationships within this world. There is a better way of approaching our relationships and exchanging our fear-based relationships for loving-based relationships.

Interview with Kevin Rice on “The Game of Love, Changing the Rules Changes Everything.
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